Facebook Game Cityville


Facebook Game Cityville

This collection of Cityville tricks is intended to have you playing the Cityville game without frustration. I will give you some of the best Cityville tips and tricks, especially for beginners, so that you can get a flying start and race up the Cityville Levels.

A bit about the game to start with. Zynga developed this Cityville game for playing on Facebook. It takes aspects of Frontierville and Farmville and combines them with some features of Millionaire City to make a thrilling but very challenging new game.. Without some Cityville tips to get you going, progress will be very slow.

Facebook Cityville

Cityville Tricks for Neighbors:

First of all, understand that much of what you do in the Cityville game revolves around how many neighbors you have (friends who play the game). Don't worry if you don't have heaps of friends who are playing the Cityville game. We can help you find some, easily. By far the best place to go is the official Cityville Forum. Go to the ''add neighbors '' forum and look for people who have already posted, or do an '' add me '' post. Another one of the best Cityville tips is to go to the Cityville Facebook page and add people who have "liked" the game or commented. In next to no time you will have more friends playing the Cityville game than you can imagine.To move up Cityville Levels you need lots of friends and neighbors.

Cityville Tricks for Layout:

The layout you start off with in Cityville, is not really an ideal layout. The red barn is located next to a street. Nothing beneficial happens in this location. Barns are certainly best elswhere, but when it comes to housing and businesses, they need to be close to streets. So use the "move tool" to move it away from the street, in order to make room for businesses and residences.

You start off with various trees growing in empty areas of your city. There is no advantage from the positioning of these trees. Don't click them! A task you will get at some stage asks you to fell three trees. Wait until this task arrives before chopping them down, or you won't get rewarded for doing so. If you absolutely must chop them for the extra money and energy, leave at least 3 trees behind.

Both of these Cityville tips and tricks will help you towards your goal of moving up the Cityville levels.

Your decorations should be the centerpiece of your other buildings, because of the effect that they have on how much money your businesses earn you, and how much of an effect they have on how much rent you collect from each house. To step these Cityville tips up a notch, focus on the most profitable businesses first. You will make more money from decorations off a higher income level - a double hit.

This is definitely one of the best Cityville tricks for leveling and you should write it down.

Or, even better, here is the sneakiest of the Cityville tips designed to maximize your earnings from a business, especially a high-dollar business like the coffee shop, or (later on in the game) the pool hall, sunglass store, and wedding store. When you have a shop ready for money collection, move it to a vacant space in your city. Then, use the "move" tool to move all of your decorations to be within range of the business, so that your payout bonus is massive. Next, collect your payout, and watch the extra-large payout flood your account with money. Don't worry that the customers weren't close to the decorations. The buildings proximity to the decorations is the key factor. Once you're done, move them back to their normal locations and carry on with the game as normal.

Cityville Tricks for franchises:

To start moving your franchises into your friends' cities, go to your neighbor's city and find their empty lot. Click on the space to select it, and choose the businees you wish to locate there. You have to wait, now. for your neighbor to OK your business.Franchise building, by the way, will definitely zoom you up the Cityville levels. When the business has been accepted, a pop up will offer you 2 choices. Take the

'' new headquarter'' option. This allows you to build a headquarters base for your franchises, and to supply and collect from them there. Build more branches of that same franchise in more friends' cities as well, and your Cityville franchise headquarters building will grow taller and taller.

Cityville Tips and Tricks for Neighbors:

The happiness of your citizens is very important, and a key task is to build a community building for them. This also raises your population limit. Having built your first community building, you are able to replicate this same building plan as your population increases and you need more of them to keep your growing population happy.

These Cityville tips and tricks are just tasty samples.Check out our Cityville Guide Review site, which reviews the Best of the Best Cityville Tips and Tricks Guides for you.


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